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If you are seeking to scale up. We know what it takes, let us help you.


How far can you take your business? In our opinion, the sky is the limit.

Whether you are starting up, scaling up or maintaining your business, we can help take your operation to the next level.

Discover our services which include developing financial models, building your business case and defining the company’s financial objectives, addressing investors’ requests on company financials and business performance and developing insightful reports.

Keep your finance management and internal control systems in tip top shape and move the needle to success.


Partner up with the people in the know.

Our advisory team is highly experienced in CFO advisory and the senior members have hold senior finance roles in fast growing startups and large corporations.

In order to maintain competitive, you need to implement a the structured processes to ensure customers are better served, all while managing increasing levels of revenue and attending to customers. Investors are attracted by those who have a timely and accurate monthly book closing. To keep good relationships with investors, it is beneficial to provide them with reporting, data and transparency, which helps with fundraising.

The importance of KPIs and financial and operational analyses are the tools used to identify “bright spots” or uniquely successful behaviours and good performers.

Most high growth companies may be torn by whether to focus on existing business, or to expand vertically or horizontally. They need to formalize business plans and financial forecasts to define goals, stay focused and measure performance.

Our CFO advisory include both strategic and operational financial management services.  We will provide supervision and guidance on planning, organising, controlling and monitoring the financial resources in order to achieve the clients’ objectives.  Sound financial management includes long-term strategic planning and short-term operations planning.


Examples of Deliverables

Review of Business Model and Plan

Review of business model and development status

Review the company positioning and competitive landscape

SWOT analysis

Formalisation of business goals – short-, medium- and long-term

Review on the product development strategy

Review on the company resources planning



  •      Review of accounting policies
  •      Provide Xero training and assist in the Xero setup
  •      Develop an efficient bookkeeping process and procedures
  •      Advise on the maintenance of the shareholder register and cap table
  •      Develop company’s key performance indicators (KPIs)
  •      Management reporting and investor presentation


Financial Projection & Fund Raising Support

  •      Assist in the development on the financial projection
  •      Advise on the fund raising strategy and strategic investors
  •      Assist in preparing an electronic data room for future fund raising, the structure and contents


Business Structure

  •      Advice on the holding structure and high level tax considerations
  •      Company policies and procedures
  •      Risk management and internal controls



  •      Review on the hiring, payroll and MPF arrangements
  •      Management and staff compensation schemes (salaries, bonus or other incentives)
  •      Discussion on stock option plan


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