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Company Incorporation

with FastLane

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Choosing the right partner



FastLane assists clients in establishing business presence in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions.

Our team consists of experienced corporate services professionals. We guide you through every step in incorporating a company in Hong Kong and overseas and make it simple for you.

We utilize leading technology to communicate and deliver the best solutions to our clients, so that you receive advices from our professional team while filling out forms.

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Starting your entrepreneurial success, the right way


Setting up a new company is the beginning of your journey and you will need the right partner to make sure you are establishing it appropriately.

Hong Kong is a highly dynamic and vibrant city that serves as the perfect platform into Mainland China and Asia. As the ideal place for business in Asia, Hong Kong enjoys an open business environment which includes maintaining its own currency, political and legal systems,  which allows the city to continue to flourish as an international business centre whilst having the benefits of unrivalled access to opportunities in Mainland China.

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Offshore company incorporation



FastLane assists clients in establishing business presence in other jurisdictions including China, British Virgin Islands, Samoa, Mauritius, Cayman Islands, Singapore and Bermuda.

Why FastLane?

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FastLane is a licensed Hong Kong Trust and Corporate Service Provider (TCP Licence No. TC000758)

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FastLane offers a full set of corporate services including company formation and ongoing maintenance in Hong Kong and other jurisdictions to support your business journey.

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Our specialists guide you through every step in incorporating a company and make it simple for you

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We offer flexible company incorporate packages to suit every budget

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FastLane is the preferred corporate services provider for large corporates, co-working operators, business centers, startups, entrepreneurs, accelerators, fund management companies and family offices from different parts of the world


We offer a unique delivery model with technology that enables us to provide an unrivalled service which has successfully supported more than five hundred companies.

Our Corporate Services includes

ongoing compliance with Hong Kong statutory requirements
maintaining statutory registers and records
filing annual returns and updating information changes to Company Registry
preparing corporate and shareholder resolutions on corporate actions
provision of registered office address
opening of Hong Kong bank accounts
dormant companies applications and company de-registration