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Company Formation in Japan

Get started with your Japan company formation.

Japan company formation has been gaining in popularity in recent years as the country remains a key market for international business. Having among the largest economies in the world, the Japanese market is characterised by consumers who are attracted to innovation, high-end goods and services. For foreigners or non-Japanese residents, Godo Kaisha (the Japanese term for a limited liability company) has become the most common company type due to its considerable corporate flexibility.

Our services include: 

  • Preparation, compiling and submission of Godo Kaisha incorporation documents
  • Notarization of identification documents of key company individuals
  • Provision of a registered address
  • Assist with bank account opening
  • Provision of a temporary member (“representative member”) who can assist with the initial deposit of capital for your Godo Kaisha
  • Registration with District Government, Taxation Bureau, and Duty Office

We offer a unique delivery model with technology that enables us to provide an unrivalled service which has successfully supported more than five hundred companies.

Benefits of Company Formation in Japan

  • Non-residents and foreign nationals can incorporate a company in Japan
  • For companies who intend to operate in japan, Godo Kaisha’s are less expensive to set up than other Japanese company types
  • Godo Kaisha is the only Japanese company type where ownership is not dependent solely on the amount of capital contribution
  • Japan has concluded over 76 tax conventions, applicable to 139 jurisdictions
  • Japan is recognized for its skilled workforce, international markets and high quality infrastructure

Japan Company Formation Requirements

The requirements for Japan company formation, specifically a Godo Kaisha, are straightforward and relatively simple to meet. The basic structure for a Godo Kaisha requires at least one investor and one shareholder, with no restrictions on the nationality of each position. In addition, each Godo Kaisha must have a registered address in Japan with a lease agreement to support the tenancy. There is no limit for the registered capital of a Godo Kaisha, however the capital registered will affect the credit of the company and the chance of success when opening a bank account. Lastly, unlike limited liability companies in other countries, Godo Kaisha has no requirements regarding the need for company directors or company secretaries.

Annual Maintenance

Apart from adhering to its various tax requirements, a Japan Godo Kaisha’s is not subject to any annual maintenance requirements. A Godo Kaisha is simply required to keep its accounting books for ten years. 

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How long does it take to complete the Japan company formation process?

For a Godo Kaisha, the formation process typically takes around 4 to 5 weeks to complete. Please note that this timeframe excludes the opening of a bank account. However, this process may be extended depending on whether company formation requirements have been met. For instance, if all required documents have not been provided, it is not uncommon for the process to be extended!

Are there any other company types besides a Godo Kaisha?

Kabushiki Kaisha, otherwise known as a joint stock company, is the most popular company type besides a Godo Kaisha. Kabushiki Kaisha’s are the most expensive type of company to register and face stricter Japan company formation requirements than a Godo Kaisha. This company type is most appropriate for medium to large companies as they have the capability to raise additional capital through a variety of ways (selling shares, stock options, etc.). Despite its size, Godo Kaisha remains the company type of choice for small businesses due to its ease of incorporation and flexibility.

I am a foreigner, do I have to be in Japan to complete the company formation process?

No! It is possible to nominate a representative who can help you carry out these procedures. While it is necessary to be present in Japan to open a Japanese bank account, you can involve a business partner or a professional service provider to receive the initial capital injection, and facilitate this step of the process on your behalf

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