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Eats365 and POS System

Get started with your cloud-based POS systems

Retails and F&B business owners have been modernizing the way they conduct business. Long gone are the use of clumsy cash registers and instead, cloud-based POS systems are being adopted. 

Eats365 is one such POS solution. iPad-based, the platform lets users centralize all their data, streamlining all aspects of their business operations as long as they are connected to the internet. The result is a boost to productivity and providing more opportunities to elevate their service levels.

Do you feel like you are too busy handling the business operations, but you also want to upgrade your POS system so you could have the ability to scale up? 

At FastLane, we offer a wide range of services that lets you to get the most out of Eats365:

  • Eats365 System Setup & Implementation
  • Hardware Purchasing
  • Onsite Installation
  • Onsite Training
  • Payment Gateway Implementation & Integration
  • Third-party Software Integrations
  • Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We offer a unique delivery model with technology that enables us to provide an unrivalled service which has successfully supported more than five hundred companies.

WHY Eats365

Eats365 offers various features that are essential for F&B businesses of all sizes. By using Eats365, businesses can not only expect a boost to their efficiency, but also new means to unlock potential to experience greater revenue growth. 

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WHY Eats365

Eats365 offers various features that are essential for F&B businesses of all sizes. By using Eats365, businesses can not only expect a boost to their efficiency, but also new means to unlock potential to experience greater revenue growth. 

1. Convenient Ordering and Tracking

  • Never miss an order by tracking each one the moment they are placed
  • Allow your team to work together on orders by giving Front of House the ability to track and view the status of each order item
  • Let your customers make tableside orders and payments via a mobile POS device
  • Let your customers use photo menus to place their own orders

2. Inventory Tracking

  • Keep track of how many menu items you have to provide more transparency on your inventory levels
  • Delist menu items accordingly as your inventory information becomes further updated

3. Flexible and Customize Menu Design

  • Attract customers through highly customizable menu designs!
  • Let your customers take more control of their dining experience by adding modifiers to your menu items
  • Speed up how fast your customers can place orders by categorizing your menu items and product types
  • Set different menus for each time of the day or day of the week to make each occasion special! 

4. Full integration allows you to manage your business seamlessly

  • Use one seamless unit to share data and coordinate all features and functionality of every Eats365 modules you use
  • Automate all your F&B related hardware through your Eats365 platform!
  • Simplify your accounting needs by integrating Eats365 with your accounting software!

5. Make better business decision with real-time business insight

  • Utilize the various reports Eats365 can generate to understand the figures that can give you an insight as to how your business is doing
  • Better manage your menu and inventory through sales reports that help you understand which items are performing best.
  • Better manage the performance of your employees by tracking their staff work, earnings per shit and till amounts 
  • Compare how each store front is doing through multi-restaurants reports 
  • Manage your business anytime and anywhere through the convenience of Eats365’s mobile features

6. Employee effectiveness

  • Set staff responsibilities by assigning different levels of user rights based on staff seniority
  • Keep track of the time your staff spends through a clock in and out function
  • Check the performance of your staff through their various levels of seniority

Integration Partners

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Consolidate all your financial information onto your cloud accounting platform as they are recorded on Eats365 

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Global Payments

Let your customers pay in their preferred payment channel of choice by integrating Eats365 with the various global payment methods available on the market

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Embrace mobile payments through the use of BBPOS technology that takes advantage of changing consumer trends

Who is Best Suited for Eats365?

1. Small Businesses

For small businesses, the most important function that a cloud solution should provide is the ability to help the business grow naturally. Through simplifying operations and giving F&B businesses greater control, these businesses would have the best POS system to facilitate organic growth

2. Restaurant Chains

Managing multiple restaurants is among the most challenging tasks for Hong Kong F&B businesses. The best way to simplify this task is to utilise a POS system, like Eats365, that allows you to update your menus and access analytic functions through a singular device.

3. Multinational Enterprises

Eats365 is designed to help businesses grow, including when they expand to have global operations. With Eats365, users can manage multiple currencies, multiple languages and have access to all their data anytime, anywhere.

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