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Assemble Your Cloud Solutions With FastLane

Improve management efficiency, customer experience and business growth with cloud solutions

FastLane’s professional consultancy and project management service can help transform and grow your company. Our cloud-based solutions enable companies to focus on revenue driving initiatives, rather than on addressing time-consuming, non-core business tasks.

Through our tailor-made cloud solutions, our clients are able to enjoy:

  • Ledger Expansions 
  • Full Access to Real-time Insights
  • Automated operation flows to create efficiency and minimise errors 
  • Scalable solutions to meet your ever changing business needs-

Our Cloud Solutions Partners Include:

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Receipt Bank

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Approval Max

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Spotlight Reporting

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What is Expensify?

Expensify is a cloud-based expense reporting solution designed to help businesses effectively manage their staff’s expense claims. It allows staff to automate the process of expense reporting and tracking, from first obtaining receipts or making payments, till the finalization of expense reports.

Why Use Expensify?

Expensify simplifies life for your staff and accountants. It automates the process of expense reporting and tracking in a way that frees your accountants from being buried in paperwork.

When a staff takes a picture of a receipt, Expensify will automatically submit an expense report on their behalf. Accountants or other administrative figures can then configure Expensify to flag any expenses that need to be reviewed. Everything else will be automatically approved. Upon approval of an expense report, staff will be reimbursed for their expenses within 24 hours. 

A simplified process is not all that Expensify can offer, as it has the ability to automatically sync with your cloud-accounting systems. All expense claims will be updated automatically, offering real time, constant visibility into a business’ finances, making the audit and tax season easier to handle than ever!


What is Chaser?

A cloud-based invoice management system designed for SMEs, Chaser helps users automate the task of chasing outstanding invoices. With Chaser, you could spend less time on manual tasks, and more time focussing on your business and adding value for your clients. 

Why Use Chaser?

Efficiency and simplicity and the ability to adapt to ever-changing needs are essential traits that a company’s internal systems must-have – Chaser offers all of this. On average, users of Chaser save over 7.3 hours on chasing outstanding invoices and help SMEs get paid 16 days sooner!

How does it work? Chaser connects to cloud-based accounting systems, such as Xero, and automatically extracts and utilizes customer and invoice-related information. The result is a centralised platform where users can access all their debtor-related information. 

With a selection of personalisable templates, the ability to set advanced custom scheduling rules for your automated emails and prioritizing certain invoices that are deemed most important, users can tailor their Chaser experience as they see fit.

In simple words, Chaser grants users better control over their credit control. You will get paid in less time, and with fewer steps!


What is Receipt-Bank?

Receipt-Bank is a cloud-based expense management system that is designed to help SMEs better maintain accurate financial records. With its instant and convenient data capture features, users of Receipt-Bank simply need to take pictures of their documents to have all relevant information automatically extracted and consolidated online.

Why Use Receipt-Bank?

High quality, transparent and easily accessible information is essential in the effective management of accurate financial records. As SMEs often have to manually input financial information onto their accounting systems, the data entry process is recognized as time consuming and prone to unnecessary errors.

Receipt-Bank addresses these issues by making it easier to manage receipts, invoices, and other financial documents. Receipt-Bank’s data capture feature can scan key details from each document and can integrate this information onto your cloud-accounting system. The result is a data extraction feature that can be done in a format that matches your existing financial records. Implementation and integration are simple and efficient, and will help improve your already existing systems!

In addition, Receipt-Bank helps businesses stay compliant. Tax authorities in many jurisdictions require businesses to maintain records of past transactions. Holding onto that much paperwork and documentation is an exhausting, time-consuming and inefficient use of time. Receipt-Bank will securely store all uploaded documents for up to 10 years, making a business’ task of adhering to local regulations simpler than it ever has been!


What is ApprovalMax?

ApprovalMax is a cloud-based approval workflows system that seeks to replace paper and email-based approvals with a fully automated system. ApprovalMax aims to offer improved control over a company’s methods of handling their accounts payable and accounts receivable processes by introducing multi-role and multi-tiered approval workflows.

Why Use ApprovalMax?

ApprovalMax can fully synchronize with Xero, allowing users to set up rule-based conditional, sequential and parallel approvals as well as varying authorisation levels. This means that as long as rules are set in advance, your business won’t have to go through the trouble of manually approving each account payable and accounts receivable transaction.

By syncing with Xero, ApprovalMax is able to match bills to corresponding purchase orders and can identify any matters that require manual approval. Not only does this provide visibility when necessary, but can also help in maintaining a complete audit trail.

A detailed history of all approval decisions is provided in ApprovalMax for audit and compliance purposes. Once final approval has been collected for each request, ApprovalMax is able to consolidate them for use in an audit report, ensuring your company is audit-ready at any time!

Spotlight Reporting

What is Spotlight Reporting?

Spotlight is a cloud-based reporting platform that offers business owners and their accountants simplified, and efficient ways to produce comprehensive and customizable performance reports. As a cloud-based platform, Spotlight offers extensive features that let users curate their experience however they see fit. As Xero’s #1 reporting and forecasting app, Spotlight is now the preferred choice of accounting firms around the world.

Why Use Spotlight Reporting?

As reporting is a powerful tool that helps businesses make informed decisions to achieve better business outcomes, having information that is easy to understand, and is easily accessible is vital. However, effective reporting procedures can be difficult to obtain, especially when a business must interpret and consolidate information recorded on separate platforms. Spotlight is perfectly suited for parties who are struggling with these issues.

Spotlight can integrate seamlessly with Xero, enabling accountants and businesses to import real-time information from Xero and related third-party applications. With extensive templating and customization options for reports, Spotlight users can simplify the way they record and interpret information and provide greater clarity and insights in regards to how their business is doing – a feature that is especially useful for multi-entity businesses. 

Having all the necessary information about a business is only truly useful once you’re able to utilize it for future purposes. Spotlight provides great budgeting and cash flow forecasting tools that utilizes all consolidated information to provide insights as to how your business is expected to do going forward. For businesses who want an all-in-one platform to manage their business, Spotlight is the ideal solution.


What is HubDoc?

HubDoc is a data capture tool that extracts key data from a company’s financial documents and then publishes these account transactions in a cloud-accounting system. HubDoc allows users to upload their financial documents through multiple means, such as by email, manual upload, or imported via third-party automated features. 

Why Use HubDoc?

HubDoc is the ideal solution for businesses that want multiple parties to contribute to the management of their accounting and bookkeeping systems. Users can invite their accountants, bookkeepers, or other team members to utilize HubDoc. As this platform can sync with multiple platforms, such as Xero and Dropbox, users will have a consolidated platform to view and record all their necessary financial information.

Most importantly, HubDoc can simplify the audit processes for a business. As HubDoc continues to automatically import, extract, and store uploaded files, users no longer have to worry about maintaining physical documents. During an audit, these features will allow businesses to efficiently search through all their documents, decreasing the time required for auditors to complete their audit process.


What is Revel?

Revel is an iPad Point-of-Sales (“POS”) system that can not only integrate with various cloud-based accounting systems, but can help consolidate all your sales, payroll and inventory data and even support employee management and sales reporting into a single platform. As a highly customizable system, Revel is ideal for growing retail establishments who need to track the health of multiple storefronts. 

Why Use Revel?

Revel is designed for businesses that wish to have a POS system that allows them to address multiple aspects of their operations. As a flexible system, Revel can grow alongside your business by allowing you to utilize increasingly complex features as you see fit / necessary. In other words, Revel is ideal for growing businesses that want to have a go-to POS platform from day one. 

Perhaps Revel’s greatest strength is the amount of features that it offers. Users of Revel will be able to address various aspects of their business, such as:

  • Online / mobile ordering
  • Reporting
  • Accounting
  • Delivery management
  • eCommerce
  • Marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Employee management and payroll
  • Customer relationship management
  • Payment processors
  • Payment gateways
  • Security services

Being able to integrate with cloud-accounting systems, Revel becomes the ideal tool for consolidating and managing your business from a single platform.


What is Eats365?

Eats365 is a cloud-based platform designed to act as a user-interactive point-of-sale (“POS”) system for restaurants. Using the Eats365 app, patrons can find, browse, reserve, order, pay for and even specify whether they would be dining in or taking away the food. These orders are sent in real-time to restaurants, allowing them to respond immediately to raised orders. As a content-rich package, East365 provides restaurants and users high levels of flexibility when interacting with each other. 

Why use Eats365?

Those who utilize Eats365 are primarily in the food and beverage (“F&B”) industry and adopt Eats365 primarily because they want a single platform that offers them maximum flexibility in managing their business. 

Eats365 looks to provide this by designing a system that addresses three of the most vital aspects of a business that F&B firms constantly strive to improve, specifically easy business management, increasing staff productivity and improving customer services. This creates efficiency which is often difficult to obtain in this industry. 

Users can have greater control over their business management from areas such as menu customization, table management, order and payment processing to even back-office analytics. The efficiency brought about is clear and evident – over 38% of Eats365 users claimed to have enjoyed revenue growth, with over 70% stating they have become more efficient!


What is Vend?

Vend is a cloud-based Point of Sales (“POS”) system which works seamlessly with other third-party cloud-based platforms. Vend lets retailers run their business in-store, online and via mobile and allows them to manage the most essential aspects of a retail business through a single platform. With robust tools and features, Vend has quickly gained attention and recognition as one of the go-to platforms for small businesses.

Why use Vend?

The simplest reason to use Vend is that it simplifies your retail management tasks by being able to automatically integrate with other platforms, most notably cloud-accounting systems like Xero. This allows business owners to streamline their business.

By being able to integrate with other platforms, Vend allows you to:

  • Track profitability in real-time
  • Automatically sync daily financial figures
  • Perform bank reconciliations
  • Generate reports to give you a more in-depth understanding of your business
  • Easily consolidate customer & supplier information through your other platforms
  • Get paid faster through online invoicing tools

Unlike other POS systems, Vend offers increased flexibility and simplicity that many competitors cannot provide. Many POS systems require dedicated hardware, such as iPads, for the system to be used effectively. However, Vend allows businesses to access their system through any device. This means that businesses of varying sizes with varying goals will all have the same access to Vend’s user-friendly and intuitive interface, as well as having a large amount of features and integrations. 


What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing platform that provides businesses and individuals with tools that can help address all aspects of what marketing entails. In other words, it makes your company market, and sell its goods/services more efficiently. For instance, with HubSpot, businesses will be able to manage their blogging, SEO, social media, email, landing pages, marketing campaigns and web analytics from a single platform.

Why use HubSpot?

Marketing can be complicated to manage as there are many moving parts and various parties to work in conjunction with, especially when you realize that marketing and sales are closely related. HubSpot simplifies the whole marketing process so that individuals can handle all these tasks from a single platform.

Not only does HubSpot facilitate efficiency, but it can also facilitate collaboration between different departments of your business, eliminating potential bottlenecks.

Marketing will help generate leads by creating content, capturing leads and nurturing them until they are qualified and sales-ready. These potential leads will be recorded in HubSpot until further action can be taken by the sales team. Once potential customers are sales-ready, leads can be followed up through HubSpot without the need for your marketing department to be involved.

As a one-stop solution, HubSpot aims to eliminate the need for businesses to juggle multiple platforms. Users will become consolidated in their activities, more efficient in how different departments approach their respective responsibilities, and facilitate transparency in how a business works together.


What is Deel?

Deel is built for today’s world of work. It enables businesses to hire from 150 countries around the world in minutes and automate onboarding, payroll, and compliance. Deel’s goal is to make it much easier, less expensive, and less risky to hire people from anywhere.

Why use Deel?

Deel would like to deepen their partnership with FastLane. They strongly believe we have aligned missions and can help educate and transform thousands of businesses in Hong Kong together. Its mission is to take away the stress, confusion and uncertainty that surrounds remote hiring, enabling our clients the ability to use Deel for all of their offshore hiring and payroll needs.

Working with Deel will give back to the local business the time they need to focus on growing their brand, increasing revenue, lowering costs and reducing turnover, all with the best talent helping them achieve their targets. Using Deel also enable our clients to create custom contracts that are compliant with local laws, and send them for their employees to sign, which speeds up the onboarding process.

There’re a lot of features Deel has that are key to choosing them as a payroll software and some features include:

  • Compliance

When a company hires employees with Deel, Deel takes on the responsibility to ensure the business is compliant with local laws. This includes airtight employment contracts to protect the business from unnecessary risk, streamlines your documents to ensure the right taxes, social contributions, and other government fees are paid, keeps up to date with any changes in local requirements, and issues any work equipment compliantly upon your requests and provides Know-Your-Customer (KYC) verification.

  • Payroll and HR admin

Deel payroll software also enables one-click payments and pays entire teams across the globe in bulk with no international wire transfer fees. This allows contractors to have access to 15 different withdrawal options ranging from local payment networks to cryptocurrency and can choose from 120+ currencies to withdraw salary. The software also eliminates the need for manual tax and salary calculation for employee payroll, which gives businesses a centralized view of payments, expenses, bonuses, and invoices, while enabling them to provide exceptional employee benefits. Most importantly, it enables automated invoicing and syncing invoice data with any accounting and reporting software.

  • Hiring

Deel speeds up the hiring process starting by offering letters from new employees. Besides, the platform also supports and offers businesses a transparent and personalized view of the onboarding process, while offering comprehensive information on local hiring practices, benefits and holidays.

  • Team experience

With the experience in serving 8000+ customers across 150+ markets, Deel’s team possesses sufficient experience in assisting clients in setting up the software at any time and can offer assistance in 12 languages. 


We offer a unique delivery model with technology that enables us to provide an unrivalled service which has successfully supported more than five hundred companies.

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