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Hong Kong Company Secretary

Engage with our qualified company secretarial team to support you throughout your company life cycle.

Upon a successful company incorporation in Hong Kong, businesses must adhere to the statutory obligations set out in the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, including those pertaining to the role of company secretary.

The general responsibilities of this role is to ensure their company’s compliance with the statutory obligations outlined in the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance and the overall maintenance of statutory documents. Furthermore, it will act as the medium between their company and government authorities.

The FastLane Group is a licensed Hong Kong Trust Corporate Services Provider (TCSP License No. TC000758) offering a wide range of company secretarial services.

Our company secretarial services include: 

  • Hong Kong Company Setup
  • Provision of Registered Address
  • Preparation and Filing of Annual Returns
  • Share Transfer
  • Share Allotment
  • Director Appointment / Change of Director
  • Company Deregistration

We offer a unique delivery model with technology that enables us to provide an unrivalled service which has successfully supported more than five hundred companies.


What is a company secretary?

Firstly, a company secretary is not the same with your clerk. On the contrary, it holds a high rank in your firm and it is appointed by the directors of a firm.

Furthermore, they need to work and interact with the directors and shareholders of the company.

Moreover, they are also responsible for communicating with the government and legal bodies (e.g. the Registrar of Companies, IRD, SFC, and the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong).

Finally and most importantly, they make sure that the organisation stick with the rules.


What is a company secretary so important to your business?

A capable company secretary is vital to a company’s success, given that their chief responsibilities involve ensuring their company’s compliance with all laws and regulations that are related to the working of a business.

If a company secretary is not entirely familiar with the relevant rules and corporate laws of Hong Kong, their company runs the risk of non-compliance and the possibility of incurring government penalties and fines. 


How can a professional firm help?

The FastLane Group offers a full-range of specialized company secretarial services. As a result of our familiarity with Hong Kong’s company laws and regulations, we have obtained extensive experience helping local and international companies comply with their Hong Kong statutory obligations. 

By acting as your company secretary, our knowledge and expertise will allow you to focus on the parts of their business that you love most by delegating the administrative and backroom activities to us. During your company incorporation process, we can provide both a registered office address and facilitate an efficient company setup

With the FastLane Group as your company secretary, you will no longer have to worry about staying up to date with their statutory obligations. We will represent your company for all government filings and requirements to ensure excellent standing of your company with the Hong Kong government and their relevant authorities.


Can I change my company secretary?

Yes you can. If you choose to change your corporate secretarial services to FastLane, we will facilitate an easy transfer of responsibilities. We will take over all the documents and registers from your current provider and process all the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We guarantee a seamless transition.

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