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Industries We Serve


Please see below some of the industries where the FastLane Group has been able build better business for SMEs in Hong Kong by utilising the savvy technology software, Xero.

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E-Commerce is the fastest growing retail market and projected to hit $4.135 trillion in sales in 2020. Ecommerce refers to the buying and selling of goods using the internet, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions.

Xero’s cloud based software works seamlessly with third-party apps to help control stock, manage orders and streamline administration tasks so that you can access your customer and business information anytime from anywhere.

Check out how we utilise Xero for ecommerce businesses here.

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Software & AI


Software and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can offer unprecedented profitability opportunities across a wide range of industries. AI powered systems will be able to improve the ability to learn, adapt and evolve. Information & Communication, Manufacturing and Financial Service are three of the sectors which will benefit the most from the application of AI.

We understand that this industry can be demanding, so let us engage with Xero to streamline your tasks, allowing you more time to grow your small business.  To see how this can work, please click here.

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IoT devices are becoming part of the mainstream electronics culture and more and more people are adopting smart devices into their homes. By 2020, it has been estimated that there will be up to 21 billion connected devices to the internet and IoT devices will play a huge part of how we interact with everyday objects.

The manufacturing world is constantly evolving, and using technologies such as Xero, you will be able to free up valuable time and stay on top of your inventory. To learn how Xero can assist with improving your efficiency please click here.

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Professional and Consulting Services


Professional and Consulting Services continue to be an important industry in the market and focus on improving the performance and efficiency of organisations of all sizes. By providing well informed advice and high quality information, these firms are empowering companies to achieve their maximum potential.

Using technology software such as Xero,  businesses can easily manage their accounts, allowing them more time to focus on scale and grow.

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Food & Beverage


The Food & Beverage industry has achieved healthy growth over the past couple of years and move increasingly from imitation to innovation. New technology enables businesses to drive products and focus on providing a unique dining experience. By using savvy technology such as Xero, companies are able to streamline their admin and accounting and focus on their customer wholly.

To find out more please click here.

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Real Estate


Real Estate is one of the world’s most important asset class with a value over hundreds of trillions of dollars. It provides a substantial part of personal and household wealth and has risen significantly in value since the global financial crisis.

Using technology such as Xero, allows businesses to be more efficient, work from anywhere and sync with third party apps to provide a seamless experience. To find out more please click here.

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Private Equity & Venture Capital


Venture capital is a means to providing long term equity to young, fast growing companies. There are three main types of private equity transactions: startup venture capital, development capital and buyouts.

VC firms are prepared to assume considerably higher risk by investing at the early stages of a company’s development in the hope of reaping higher returns if the company excels. They also function as business partners of investee companies, sharing the risks and rewards of the venture.

New business can utilise technology such as Xero to streamline tedious admin tasks and giving them more time to spend on innovation.

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Wholesale & Distribution


The wholesale distribution industry is experiencing rapid change, where new business fundamentals are key to capitalizing on evolving challenges and opportunities. Many wholesale distributors are looking for insights into distribution disruption and understanding the trends which are shaping the industry. By exploring incremental growth and cost reduction opportunities through automation (using technology software such as Xero), businesses are able to improve their supply chain management and streamline their processes.

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The Education sector ins Hong Kong is undergoing changes from technological advancement, which provides real time feedback to students, parents and teachers. Personalised and interactive learning methods are being reinforced by videos, adaptive spaced repetition, gamification and Virtual Reality. Using technology software such as Xero, allows the education sector to streamline their tasks and focus on exploring the possibilities of future learning efficiently.  To learn more please click here.

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Health Care


The global healthcare market is being redefined for consumers, providers, payers and investors both in developed and developing nations. The savvy, entrepreneurial players are bringing consumer acumen, innovative business models, more affordable and convenient care options, fitness and wellness and addresses longstanding challenges.

Virtual care is replacing traditional notions and new entrants are pioneering pathways that erase healthcare boundaries and enable care anywhere. Software technology such as Xero are facilitating seamless processes, syncing with third party apps and allowing for a better service of care. For more information please click here.

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