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What Is An Interim Report?

By FastLane Team, March 29, 2021 (5 mins)

Business entities that operate in Hong Kong – specifically those who are listed and shared on major Hong Kong indexes – may be required to file and publish an Interim Report. Interim Reports are financial snapshots that are compiled to present information related to the health and financial stability of a company at regular intervals shorter than a single fiscal year.


In this article, we will take a closer look at Interim Reports, focusing primarily on the following:

1. What Is An Interim Report & What Is Its Purpose?

2. What Is Included In An Interim Report?

3. Who Is Obligated To Prepare An Interim Report?

4. What Are The Deadlines For Publishing An Interim Report?

5. How Fastlane Can Help You Prepare Your Interim Reports

1. What Is An Interim Report & What Is Its Purpose?

As a business owner, it may be necessary from time to time that you file and present an Interim Report. This report, often referred to as an interim statement, is a financial report that is prepared for a period of time within a full fiscal year.

Interim Reports can be prepared on an ad hoc basis, or routinely as monthly or quarterly reports. The frequency is variable and depends on the unique needs of a particular company.

Interim Reports are often prepared by a company to offer a snapshot in time of the company’s performance during a fiscal year. Rather than wait the full financial cycle to receive a report back from the company, an Interim Report offers a more consistent view of how the organization is operating at any given time. This can be beneficial in increasing a company’s transparency and clarity in communication with team members, shareholders, and the public.

2. What Is Included In An Interim Report?

Most Interim Reports will include the following information on a company’s performance through the time specified by the Interim Report:

  • Cash flow statement: How well is cash moving through the company, and where is the cashin
  • Income statement
  • Balance sheet

Entities that file Interim Reports are also encouraged to contain in their reports copious explanatory notes that can expound in the information included within the Interim Reports. These notes can consist of items of data such as:

  • Dividends
  • Stocks
  • Regulatory Complaints

Ultimately, the Interim Report should include the relative information that is related to the needs of those who are receiving the report. This means that those entities who are preparing reports for current or potential investors will likely choose to focus their report on elements such as cash flow and balance sheets. When preparing your Interim Report, it is essential that you work with a specialized and experienced professional to help you prepare the right report.

3. Who Is Obligated To Prepare An Interim Report?

In Hong Kong, those companies who are obligated to prepare and file an Interim Report are those entities that are shared on the Main Board or the GEM of the SEHK. While these companies are held to the standard of filing Interim Reports on a consistent basis, many other non-held entities will choose to prepare Interim Reports as well in order to boost investor confidence and public transparency. These Interim Reports are filed in accordance with HKAS 34 Interim Financial Reporting standards.

4. What Are The Deadlines For Publishing An Interim Report?

The deadlines for publishing Interim Reports may vary depending on the consistency by which an entity will choose to publish. 


For entities on the Main Board that publish half-year Interim Reports are obligated to publish their Interim Report findings for the first six months of the financial year, and must publish those findings within three months following the end of the half-year interim period. On the other hand, GEM listed entities are required to to publish Interim Reports within 45 days following the end of the period.


Entities can also choose to file quarterly Interim Reports, which give more consistent snapshots of the company’s financial and operational performance. These reports are filed four times throughout the financial year, and are still required to be published within 45 days following the period being reported on.

How Fastlane Can Help You Prepare Your Interim Reports

In the fast-moving world of business, ensuring that you have all the necessary documents and filings completed accurately and on time can help you operate in confidence. From clients to shareholders, trust is built when transparency is present. This includes the preparation of Interim Reports on your Hong Kong-based company.


At FastLane, our team of experienced law and accounting professionals can help you ensure that your Interim Reports are filed properly and quickly. With years of experience helping clients across Hong Kong file essential business documents, FastLane professionals can help you file your Interim Reports quickly and efficiently. 


Want to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation, and discover how FastLane can help you can prepare your Interim Reports with ease.


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