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What Is Hong Kong Form IRBR200?

By FastLane Team, March 12, 2021 (5 mins)

As a business leader or manager, there may be seasons when the legal details and circumstances of your incorporated company changes. Whether due to scaling and growth or changes in ownership or location, having the proper information filed with the Hong Kong administration is essential to ensure you can operate smoothly.


One of the most important forms that you must ensure you have filed properly is IRBR200. This form includes the updated and accurate information regarding your incorporated organization, and is kept on file with the IRD of the Hong Kong administration. Failure to keep your IRBR200 form filed and updated properly can lead to a variety of problems – from fines to the cessation of your company’s operations. 


What You Will Learn:

1. What Is IRBR200?

2. When Must I File IRBR200?

3. Why Work With A Company Secretary To File IRBR200?

4. Ensure Your IRBR200 Needs Are Handled With A Skilled Company Secretary

1. What is IRBR200?

In short, IRBR200 is a document that must be filed for all companies during the incorporation process. This document – filed with the Business Registration Office (IBR), informs the Hong Kong administration of your company’s legal information. Among many details, IRBR200 may include:

  • Company Name
  • Company Operations Description
  • Company Purpose
  • Company Location & Mailing Address
  • Company Operations Start Date

2. When Must I File IRBR200?

IRBR200 is an essential document that must be quickly filed by your company secretary with the Business Registration Office within one month of your business’s commencement date. If you are intending to incorporate your business in Hong Kong, knowing the proper documents to file at the start of your company formation process is vital.

In order to ensure that all entity details are reported, analyzed, and filed in time to avoid legal fees and penalties, you will need to work closely with your company secretary to complete the process.

3. Why Work With A Company Secretary To File IRBR200?

One of the best ways to ensure that your incorporated business files IRBR200 on time and properly is by partnering with a skilled and experienced company secretary. Whether through a single individuals or a company, a company secretary service serves many useful services for those looking to incorporate in Hong Kong:

They Act As Your Hong Kong Company Representative

There will likely be instances when the Hong Kong administration needs to contact or reach your company. Your company secretary will operate as the liaison between the administration and your company. This may involve elements such as legal issues, IRBR200 form data clarification, and information related to operating business in Hong Kong.

Your company secretary will hold and maintain your company statutory books, and will ensure that all shareholder, director, and operator information is kept updated and current. Should any company information be requested by the Hong Kong administration or shareholders, the company secretary can locate and disperse the proper information quickly.


They Help Your Company Comply With Hong Kong Law

Many are surprised to learn that without a company secretary, their company cannot successfully file their IRBR200 and be listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange. The secretary will facilitate your company’s compliance in such a way as to ensure that you can operate in business with other entities on the exchange legally.


They Handle Your Company’s Tax Obligations

Your company secretary can also help manage the essential tasks and oversight to ensure that your company is handling any decision making and governance as it pertains to your tax responsibilities.

The Hong Kong administration emphasizes tax compliance, and your company secretary can help facilitate tax compliance for the company – including registering your company with IRD and filing IRBR200.

4. Ensure Your IRBR200 Needs Are Handled With A Skilled Company Secretary

When it comes to filing the necessary paperwork and filing for Hong Kong businesses, it is essential that you cover your bases to ensure that your company is acting in compliance. Improper filing or follow-up can leave your company in hot water with the administration and unable to continue business operations legally.


A skilled company secretary can help guide you through the process of both navigating tax and legal compliance – including accessing and filing IRBR200 forms properly. If you don’t file properly or on time, you may encounter difficulty in keeping your company legal with the Hong Kong administration.

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