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Working and Employment Visa Services

Get started with your working visa in Hong Kong to support your business.

Build your best team with skilled professionals from all around the world

Recruiting foreign skilled professionals can be challenging due to the various requirements by the Hong Kong immigration department.
Save time and embrace efficiency by taking advantage of the FastLane Group’s professional experience in processing employment Visa applications in Hong Kong.

Basic Requirement for Work Visa application in Hong Kong

To be eligible to apply for a working and employment visa in Hong Kong, an applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • Does not possess any criminal records or security objections;
  • Strong educational background ;
  • Be able to demonstrate that there is a genuine job vacancy at the employing company;
  • Have a secured employment offer for a position that matches the applicant’s academic qualifications / possess relevant work experience / to demonstrate that the job cannot be readily taken up by Hong Kong’s local workforce; and 
  • The remuneration package (including income, accommodation, medical, and other fringe benefits) is in line with the prevailing market standards in Hong Kong.

Working Permit Application Procedures & Timeline

  1. Consultation on working visa applications;
  2. Advise on the alternative visa options and the likelihood of an application’s success;
  3. Obtain the applicant’s signature on the letter of engagement;
  4. Prepare a tailor-made documentation checklist for the clients’ visa application;
  5. Complete immigration forms, drafts, and letters;
  6. Review the collected documentation to ensure they are correctly completed;
  7. Draft all letters to be submitted to the Hong Kong Immigration Department;
  8. Conduct ongoing liaison with the Hong Kong Immigration Department
  9. Respond to the Hong Kong Immigration Department’s inquiries on the applicant’s behalf;
  10. Collect the visa label from the Hong Kong Immigration Department (if accepted)
  11. Deliver the visa to you

The working visa application process takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks to complete from the date of submission



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Our Hong Kong Employment Visa services include:


Investment Visa / Entrepreneur Visa

Duration: 4-6 weeks by Immigration department
Who should consider: Foreign entrepreneurs under the special migration visa scheme Entry for Investment.


Employment Visa

Duration: 4-6 weeks by Immigration department
Who should consider: Individuals under the General Employment Policy (“GEP”) scheme and individuals who intend to reside in Hong Kong, be employed by a Hong Kong company.

Dependent Visa

Duration: 6-8 weeks by Immigration department
Who should consider: Designed for immediate family members of foreign nationals who hold a valid Hong Kong visa, who apply for the purposes of employment, investment, training, or study in Hong Kong.

Employment Visa

Duration: 4-6 weeks by Immigration department
Who should consider: Enter Hong Kong for training purposes, training for skills/knowledge that is not available in the applicant’s country/territory of domicile for no more than 12 months.

Working Visa in China

Duration: 4-6 weeks by Immigration department
Who should consider: Those who are invited to China for a post or employment can consider a Z visa

Employment Visa

Change of visa sponsorship is just like applying for a new visa.
You need to handle all the applications.


Our Hong Kong Employment Visa services include:

  • Visa application form ID(E) 990A with the applicant’s signatures;
  • Visa application form ID(E) 990B with the company’s signatures;
  • Copy of the applicant’s passport;
  • Copy of proof of academic qualifications and working experience

We offer a unique delivery model with technology that enables us to provide an unrivalled service which has successfully supported more than five hundred companies.

5 stars

“Working with FastLane has been a wonderful experience. They are very customer-centric, responsive,
and very strong at regulatory compliance. I would recommend them to my friends and clients.”

LimeTree Capital Advisors Limited

5 stars

“FastLane has consistently provided a first-rate service.
They are responsive and extremely helpful. I strongly recommend them.”

Rosie Thomason, Head of Finance
Arcadia Consulting Limited

5 stars

I am reaching out to give sincere thanks to you and your experienced staff for somehow making the visa process amazingly simple. As the process moved forward, FastLane gave easy to follow steps for completing each task. It was surprisingly simple and I never had any doubt we would receive our visas because of your professionalism in handling the manner.
Thank you once more for allowing me to do my work . I truly appreciate the successful work performed by FastLane.”

David Prior, Principal
Better English HK Language Centre, Hong Kong

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1. What should I do if my working permit in Hong Kong is under my existing employer, and I would like to change my job?

Under Hong Kong’s Entry for Employment as Professionals in Hong Kong scheme, Hong Kong work visas issued are tied to specific employers and are not transferable. To change jobs in this circumstance, the applicant must obtain first, approval from the Hong Kong Immigration Department by filing an “Application for Change of Employment.” Upon approval, the applicant must surrender his/her existing Hong Kong work visa and collect a new one.


2. Can I bring my family with me to Hong Kong?

Applicants of an employment visa or entrepreneur visa are eligible to bring their family members (spouse and unmarried dependent children under 18 years of age to Hong Kong).

A dependent visa application must be filed for each family member with each dependent’s length of stay is tied to the applicant’s length of stay in Hong Kong. Dependent visa holders are free to take up employment or study in Hong Kong, as applicable.


3. I’m an entrepreneur and want to start a business in Hong Kong. How can I get a visa to work in the city?

Hong Kong has visas catered to foreign entrepreneurs under the special migration visa scheme, Entry for Investment. This visa type is issued to owners of Hong Kong companies for a one-year period. It is renewable so long as the applicant’s business remains viable.

One of the primary application criteria is that the applicant must be able to demonstrate their business will make a significant contribution to Hong Kong’s economy. Authorities will determine this by closely examining a two-year business plan and financial projection to be submitted in the application. To know more, check out our guide for visas for entrepreneurs.


4. I’m from China, are there special working visa Hong Kong schemes I can use to work in the city?

The objective of the ASMTP is to attract qualified Mainland Chinese talents and professionals to work in Hong Kong. The scheme seeks individuals to help Hong Kong meet its local manpower needs and further enhance the city’s competitiveness in the globalized market.


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